Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Angel Oh!

Script Peoples Theatre presents it's annual flagship production Vision 2020 – Michael Angel Oh! at the Christ University auditorium on Saturday, July 25, 2009 at 7.00 pm.

This year's Vision 2020 production focuses on how people perceive and interpret life experiences. This idea is placed before the audience through the eyes of the Italian Renaissance era poet, painter, sculptor, engineer and genius Michelangelo. The story is about how Michelangelo goes in search of “God” and “Judas” who he wants to capture as a painting. The events that color this search leave Michelangelo, and in the process the audience, with some soul-searching experience.

As always, the Vision 2020 plays are amongst the most anticipated cultural events in Christ University, being open not only to students, but anyone of any background who is interested in theatre. You may remember, since 2006, three Vision 2020 productions – India Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2006), The Trilogy(2007) and Alexander (2008) have been staged.

Tickets for the production are priced at Rs.200, 150 & 100. You can book tickets online at or call 98450-75825 / 6450-4665.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you going to finish strong?

I chanced upon a short inspirational video by Nick Vujicic. I am so inspired by this video that I am sharing it with friends and others in all possible ways - email, facebook, orkut, this blog, et al. You can watch the video here.
Don't miss watching it. Its definitely food for thought.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vision 2020

The rehearsals for Vision 2020, one of the biggest theatre production in Bangalore began this Monday. The performance is on Sat, 25th Jul. I was part of Vision 2020 last year and had an amazing experience. If you are interested to be part of it see here for more details.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fame Shankarnag

The erstwhile Shankarnag Symphony is now completely renovated and named as 'Fame Shankarnag'. Since it opened after renovation, I wanted to visit this theater. Symphony and Rex had been one of my most favorite theaters in Bangalore (I say 'had been' because I am now in that category of movie goers who are pampered by the multiplex cinemas and the comfort that comes along with it).

Still remember my college days when we used to stand in the Q two hours before the show to buy tickets for front stall (Rs. 15). That was way back in late 90s. I never used to like front stall and always preferred back stall. I used to say its just 15 bucks more. But my friends' argument was we could see two for cost of one!! Now, I can't argue more on that. Can I?

I still remember watching the movie 'Six Days Seven Nights' after they renovated Symphony last time. We were in the second row (of course from the screen). With our heads up, we were happy to see the new concave screen. The movie started and oops! the screen is really wide! Well, it was more like watching a tennis match!

Last year when I heard that they are closing Symphony for renovation, I thought they will convert it into a 2-screen multiplex which would kill the charm of Symphony. On the other hand, I liked the idea of Fame to keep it a single screen hall and change the comfort and experience of the movie goer. So, they have four classes of seats - Premier and Silver in place of front and back stall and Jubilee and Gold Class in the balcony.

On Friday I read the review of movie 99 in my friend's blog. Also, found that it is running in Fame Shankarnag. So, I logged on and booked for the movie 99 this Saturday. I booked the Jubilee class (Rs. 170) and I guess I would never book Premier class (almost same as front stall). I must say it was an experience of its kind. A cool lounge for Jubilee and Gold class which will make your wait pleasant. Very comfortable seats, great leg space and good service to the seats. No more running to the counter to be the first in queue to grab some snacks so that you don't run late for second-half.

BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and its a movie worth watching. You can read the movie review in my friend's blog here.

So, dont miss a chance to check out this new cool movie hall in town. Have fun!